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Jul 1, 2017

What is your chosen Table Décor?


What kind of table décor have you chosen? or are you struggling for ideas? A table centre can be incorporated as part of a theme you have going on and to compliment your colour scheme. Other table décor could be your table numbers, name place cards, favours, decorative table scatter crystals and candles. the list is endless!! You either know exactly what it is that you want and have a picture in your head but don't even know if it exists or you haven't even got a clue where to start! Either way I am here to help and these chat forums are a great way of chatting together with other brides to share great tips and ideas!

Jul 1, 2017

Hi Hayley ❤ glass and greenery. Dried lavender bundle with a brown tag with names printed on for place setting. How can I get more lavender on the tables? Also I have a little brown paper gift bag for each guest. What can I do with these ? Don't want to clutter the table up !

Jul 2, 2017Edited: Jul 2, 2017

Hi Hannah! Thanks for joining in. You could definately incorporate the lavender into the water in the cylinder vases under the floating candle, this would look beautiful! Or we could tie some lavender around the bottom of the vase with some string, ive seen this done before and I really like it. You could also tie sprigs of lavender with string around the napkins? I will set the vases up for you to have a look at when you come for your final consultation on tuesday. As for the brown paper bags these could be arranged in a basket and we could pop thrm on the table with your guest book and post box and we coyld even pop a little chalk board sign in front of the basket to say 'please take a favour' i actually think this would look really cute! I hope this has answered all of your questions. Also what are you putting inside your brown paper bags?

Jul 2, 2017

Oh yes that's a good idea. In the bags will be a champagne glass, lavender soap bubbles and sweeties xx

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